Firesale Bandit - SAME Software That Single-Handedly Brought In A Six Figure Income For Online Marketer

Product picture Firesale Bandit - SAME Software That Single-Handedly Brought In A Six Figure Income For Online Marketer

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Even if you have never run a fire sale before. You are about to discover one of the fastest ways to bring in a massive income boost in a record breaking short space of time.

Imagine this scenario: After you've slaved away for months on your product and prepared for your sale, you launch! You expect your launch to sell a large number of products in a very short amount of time. Shortly after that you start experiencing a high number of technical support issues coming in. By the end of the day, you have answered over a hundred technical support requests. Because the script you chose to use totally failed when it mattered most.

You poured everything into this project and it fails because of someone's piece of crap software! You've worked your fingers to the bone, and when it comes to crunch time, everything goes wrong because of someone else's shoddy work!

If you're launching a website, If you're thinking about launching a website OR If you've launched a website already... Don't make this mistake! Make sure you run it with decent software.

Click Here To Become A Firesale Bandit Now!

Multiple Members Levels give you the flexibility to offer enhanced product downloads (or a different package entirely) for up to three member levels. You can split your products between them or share a certain product between all three levels.

Fully Protected Members Area that integrates payment processors, access management and affiliate tracking at the same time. Firesale Bandit tracks your affiliates and keeps your membership area for your member’s eyes only.

One Time Offer Support to boost your back-end profits.

Unlimited Sale Length & Custom Pricing. Add an unlimited number of products to your sale of an unlimited length. Whether you want to run your sale for twelve years or twelve hours, it can be done with Firesale Bandit. You could even make a full-blown membership site out of it by adding additional products and making use of your customers and affiliates to buy and promote follow-up products at a later date, all with a few clicks of your mouse, all under one domain. The only limit is your imagination.

Contact Your Members When You Want – E-mail your members, affiliates or joint ventures updates and special offers at any time. Which member level you e-mail is entirely your choice, and you don’t need to worry about annoying your personal joint venture contacts either. They can automatically or manually be placed in a high priority category and mailed only when you want to contact them specifically.

Customizable Automated E-mail – Nothing beats the feeling of getting congratulatory e-mails every time you make a sale or a special unexpected bonus for customers when they sign up. Get your affiliates to promote for longer and get your customers to buy from you over and over on complete autopilot by customizing automated e-mails for signups, referrals and commission announcements for each member level and even individuals.

Full Sale Statistics – Keep track of your top promoters, your top money- makers and big spenders while improving your sales material to boost conversion rates keeping both affiliates, JV’s and your pocket very happy indeed. Everything you need to run a razor sharp and refined fire sale.

Sleek User Friendly Design Means Quick Setup & Integration – Simply follow the five quick start steps in the user manual and you can be set up and running your own fire sale in mere minutes. No complicated integration issues; just upload, install, set up, launch and profit. Whether you change the layout and graphics, or use the stock set, you customers will look at you like a pro right from get-go.
Quick and easy installation, even if you've never installed scripts on your server before. All you have to do is upload the files, and follow the detailed user manual to set the script up. You can be up and running in under 20 minutes from now, with your own dynamically managed, automated membership site.

Running a fire sale is a "sure-fire" way to break through your online sales barrier and experience a massive increase in your sales conversion rate. Imagine going from making 3-5 sales a day of a $9.95 product to pulling in 50, 70, 100 or more sales a day.

That works out to $497.50, $696.50, $995 or more in a single day - from just one product. Now if you run a fire sale a week imagine what you can do... take that dream skiing vacation or if that's not your style how about drinking ice-cold fresh coconuts on a snow white tropical beach?

And... that's not all. Because your fire sales are raking in the cash, your affiliates will be falling over themselves to promote your current and future fire sales. The next thing you know, your mailing list will be increasing in size exponentially. Packed to the brim with hundreds if not thousands of qualified, cash-paying subscribers.

Don't forget the one time offer sales kick in! With reported 65% percent conversion rates the additional flood of cash will have you smiling all the way to the bank.

Fire sale Bandit will influence, persuade and captivate your visitors in such a way that they buy your products without blinking... or thinking twice about it.

Yes! This fantastic, step-by-step fire sale machine is only gonna cost you ...$12.95

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